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After Renovation & Construction Cleaning

So you finally got the new addition on your home! But the construction left your home let’s just say, “not as new” as the remodel. You may have dirt, sawdust, sheet rock dust, and even paint stains left on your carpet, so you need them to look great once again! Call us at Carpet Pros Cleaning to help make your old carpets looks as nice as the new remodeled room!

Do you do new home construction carpet cleaning? Absolutely!

If you’re a local Colorado Springs construction contractor and you need your carpets cleaned before the new home owners move in, we can help make the new home feel like a new home! Our professionally trained and licensed commercial carpet cleaners will clean your newly built homes carpets to remove the construction debris and make the home looking great for the move in.

We offer 24/7 flexible scheduling for all of our carpet cleaning services.

Some of our most popular carpet cleaning customer include:

  • New Home Buyers
  • Construction Contractors
  • Apartment Complex Managers
  • Home Owners
  • Business Owners
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